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Darshan, Pooja, Aarti, Prasad and Offerings

The temple opens at sunrise in the morning till 1 hour after sunset in the evening. The temple does not open in night for darshan after being closed for the night. During navratri, the temple is open till night 10 pm.

The aarti is performed every morning and evening. The timing for aarti in the morning is as follows:

Chet Sudh Ekam to Aasoj Vadh AmavasMorning 8.30 am
Aasoj Sudh Ekam to Chet Vadh AmavasMorning 9.00 am
In the evening, the aarti is performed 20 minutes after sunset.

Pooja is performed only by the pujaris. Yatris can offer prasad and pooja samagri and do the darshan. Primarily Lapsi and Churma is offered as prasad. It is essential in case of Jat and Mundan. Otherwise any sweet can be offered as prasad. There are various shops at the temple entrance for pooja samagri and prasad.
Vesh Pooja Thali
Vesh Pooja Thali

Note: Jat, Mundan, Mannat, Bolma (Bolva)'s prasad offered to Shri Osiya Mataji is not to be taken outside Osiya.

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