Shri Ashapura Mataji, Nadole

In the 12th century Chauhan Budhsingh and Adoayatsingh were living in Khatu-Marwar. They were the richest family in the town. Due to some circumstances they became very poor. Khartar Gachha-Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri came to Khatu. Chauhan brother went to Acharya and requested him to help them so they can get some money and become rich again. They also requested that if they would become rich through his blessing they would become their follower and do, as he will order them.

With the blessings of the Acharya they earned a lot of money and became rich, thus they became Oswals and Adpayatsingh was named Aabeda with his family and when Budhsingh settled in Khatu so they were called Khanted. Khantol and Khatbad were called later on.

Their Kuldevi is Jagat Bhawani Mata Ashapura, because Budhsingh and Adpayatsingh became rich by her miracles.

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