Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya

A king named Raja Gopalsingh Bhati was ruling city Aghrova in Sindh Pradesh. At that time 1500 families were living there. In the year 1214 (vikram) the army of Shamsherkhan attacked and imprisoned the Raja Gopalsingh. Fortunately Acharya Manidhar Jinchandra Suri was in the town. The Pradhan Gursamal Agarwal prayed to the Acharya to help the Raja to get freed. If you get the Raja freed, he will be much more obliged and he will become your follower. Acharya then charm a mantra. Immediately all the 1500 Bhaties were untied from the foot cuffs. Shamsherkhan again & again tried to foot cuff them but they were again and again untied.

Then Shamsherkhan became frightened so he called Raja Gopalsingh and said that he may keep Hanso and Hissar under him and in future he must obey him. And all the arrested Bhatis were released.

When Raja Gopalsingh returned back, and came to know the fact of his release, he immediately went to the Acharya and became his follower. All the Bhaties also became the follower of the Jainism

Now Raja Gopalsingh Bhati with all Bhatis became followers of Acharya and converted them to Oswals and they are called as Aagharya (by Gotra).

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