Shri Adar Mataji, Mount Abu

In VS. 1371 Acharya Jinchandra Suri did his chaturmas in Babel city. Randhir Chauhan, the king of Babel was suffering from leprosy. Many types of treatment were tried, but he was not getting cured. When king was informed about Acharya's arrival in the city, he went and requested the Acharya to cure him. Acharya said that Navkarmantra is the only cure. So if he desired to be healthy then he must adopt Jainism and become oswal. The king agreed the proposal. Acharya called Chakreshwari Devi. The Devi gave the medicine to the Acharya and Acharya started the treatment. The king was cured only in seven days. The king adopted the Jainism and became oswal. They belonged to Babela so their gotra became Babel.

Few members of this family started the profession of Kothar so they were named Babel-Kothari, and few performed jain pilgrimages so they named Babel-Singhvi.

The kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Adar Mataji of Mount Abu.

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