Shri Nagraj Devta

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Acharya Vimalchandra Suri enlightened prince Rajsingh Padihar of Pipar. His gotra was named Purna-Bhad. In the 7th generation of Rajsingh was Vasanji, the Diwan of Anhilpur Pattan. Vasanji build a Jain temple of Lord Rishabhdeo in Anhilpur Pattan. The shravak sangh of Anhilpur Pattan honoured him with the title of Ghiya. And thus his family was named Ghiya. When the family did the accounts work they were named Ghiya-mehta.

In the 24th generation was Aasduttji. He was awarded the title of Banda (A messanger of god), by the emperor of Delhi. And hence it became the gotra. When the family members worked of the accounts, then they called Banda-Mehta.

The kuldevta of these gotras is Shri Nagraj Devta.

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