Shri Dadi Mataji, Kodamdesar

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Lalsingh Parmar was king of Ranthambhor. Khartar Gachhacharya Shri Jinvallabh Suri did his chaturmas in the year 1167 in Ranthambhor. Lalsingh was father of seven sons. His second son Brahmdeo was suffering of dropsy. So he was worried. When lalsingh heard that the Acharya had many divine powers and he can solve the problem. So he went and urged the Acharya to cure him. Acharya cured the prince Brahmdeo with his divine powers of Chamunda Devi.

Lalsingh was so impressed that he adopted Jainism, with all the seven sons. His eldest son Banthiodhar was very brave warrior so his family was named Band. Second son was Brahmdeo so his family was named Brahmecha or Barmecha. Family of Lalsingh was named Lalani, family of malleji was named Mallavat, In V.S. 1500 Banthia Chimansingh was doing business of money-lender, he became very rich, and established business at many places. While go on Shantrunjaya pilgrim, he distributed one gold coin to each person in the way. So Chimansingh's family was named Banthia.

Jagu Lalani of Jodhpur build a jain temple of Lord V.S. 1592, which was damaged by Naharbeg by the orders of Aurangjeb, but jain sang of Jodhpur re-built it in V.S. 1763 with the permission of Maharaja Ajitsingh.

Banthia Dattaram came from Abu and settled in Jalore, where he built a Jain temple. In 13th century he went to Kodamdesar (In Bikaner district) via Mandore, and settled there. In V.S. 1575 Kalyansingh Banthia settled in Bikaner and established Banthia Gavad. Banthia worship Dadimata of Kodamdesar.

Vimalshah Mallavat was a famous person of Merta. It is said that when The Navab (king) of Bharuch was going Ajmer to worship Khawaja Sahib Vimalshah gave him a loan of 6 lacks of rupees so Navab gave him the title of Shah and then they were named Sava.

Kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Dadi Mataji of Kodamdesar.

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