Shri Adar Mataji, Mount Abu

According to Yati ramlalji:- Raja Bhoj had 12 sons. After the Death of Bhoj all the 12 brothers went to Mathura and settled there so they were known as Mathur. In VS. 954 Acharya Shri Nemichand Suri, the guru of Udhoyotan Suri reached in the city. Gopal & Laxmanpal, sons of Raja Bhoj began to go to the Acharya daily to hear his sermons. One day Laxmanpal requested the Acharya that he neither had wealth nor a son so it was useless for him to live any more. Then the Acharya replied that if they become Jain and be oswal then he can do some thing for him. He agreed the proposal, then the Acharya told him to go and dig the land which is in the back side of his house, and get the wealth, with the condition that he would spent the money for the welfare of the general public and poor. He also blessed him that he would be the father of three sons.

Laxmanpal got a lot of wealth, and did according to his promise. He had 3 sons named Yashodhar, Narayan, and Mahivandra. All the three brothers married in the oswal community. Narayan's wife gave birth two the twins, one gaughter and one son. The peculiar thing was that the boy had a face of a man but the rest of the body was of a snake. One day the boy sleeped in the stove. By mistake the girl lighted the stove and the snake like boy got burnt and died. He became Vyanter Dave. The Vyanter began to trouble the girl. Laxmanpal did many janter manter. After all one day vyanter replied that the daughter of Laxmanpal family will not live peacefully but he blessed his parents with a boon that if any one has a pain in his or her body, they should rub their body with the walls of Laxmanpal's house, then they would be cured.

Laxmanpal's family was named Bardia as the boon was given. Some are called Darda (the pain remover).

The kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Adar Mataji of Mount Abu.

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