Shri Ashapura Mataji, Nadole

History of Marwar can be named the history of Bhandaries. Politics of Marwar was not only based on Bhandari Ministers but the politics of the Mughal Empire was also based on Bhandaries. They were not only intelligent but also brave warriors. But the detaild history of such a gotra is not available.

ORIGIN OF BHANDARIES :- Lakhansing Chauhan won the Nadole Kingdom. Colonel Tod a famous historian agrees this fact too. In VS 1035 the Raos of Anhilwad won the Nadole Kingdom form Chauhan's but Sultan Mohamad son of Subukatgin attacked Nadole and won the city. After looting the kingdom he destroyed the whole city but the Chouhans again reestablished it. Rao Lakhan was collecting the taxes upto Anhilwade. Even Mewar was giving the excise.

Rao Bahadur Mahamahopadhyay Pt. Gourishanker Ojha, a great historian also accepted it and wrote Rao Lakhan had 24 queens but had no son. When Sander Gachh-Acharya Shri Yashobhadra Suri arrived in Nadole city, King went for darshan, and requested the Acharya that there is no prince, to be the ruler of such a vast state. Acharya replied that by his blessings his each queen would be the mother of one child but one son must be offered to the Acharya.

In time each queen gave birth to the child, hence Lakhansingh offered his 12th son Dudarao to the Acharya. Then Dudarao became oswal. When he grew up he was appointed as the treasurer of the state, so his family was named Bhandari.

DEEPAVAT :- In the 18th generation of Lansinghakh was Samraji Bhandari. Samraji was father of Naroji. Naroji had 7 sons named Rajsiji, Jasaji, Sinhoji, Khartoji, Tiloji, Nimboji and Nathoji. Jasaji was father of Jaimalji and grandfather of Deepaji. The family of Deepaji was named Deepavat.

LUNAVAT :- Bhandari Samroji arrived in Marwar with his son Naroji in VS 1483 and Rao Jodhaji. Naroji was a Jain Chouhan till then. In 1512 Bhandari Naroji married a Mohnot girl so he became oswal. Udoji was his grandson and fourth son of Nathoji. Nathoji was the Chief Minister of Marwar state from VS.1548. Goroji was the Chief Minister of Jodhpur, which was ruled by Rao Gangoji. Goroji had 4 sons named Lunoji, Mailji, Sultanji and Jaivantji. The family of Lunoji was named Lunavat bhandari. Lunoji remained Chief Minister in the reign of Rao Udaisinghji, Rao Sursinghji and Rao Rajsinghji. Rao Sursinghji presented the landlord ship of villages whose income was Rs. 80000/-

NIMBAVAT :- The 6th son of Naroji was Nimbaji. His family was named Nimbavat Bhandari.

ANOPSINGHOT, BHANSHDASOT, PRATAPMALOT and KUSHALCHANDOT :- Goroji was in the 5th generation of Naroji. His second son Sadulji gave birth to Bhivrarji who had seven sons. His fourth son was Kalyandasji. He had 5 sons named Anopsinghji, Bhansidasji, Sirdarmalji, Pratapmalji, and Kushalchandji. Hence the sub gotras were named accordingly.

The Kuldevi of these gotras is Jagat Bhawani Mata Ashapura.

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