Shri Lodar Mataji, Lodarva

Lodrava is 14 kilometers. away from Jaisalmer. It is the old capital of the Bhaties. Lodu rajputs were residing here in large number before the Bhaties attacked and won the place in the 10th century. In the year VS 1212 Bhati Jaisal shifted the capital from Lodrva to Jaisalmer.

In the 11th century Sagar was the king of Lodrva. His queen gave birth to 11 sons but 8 of them died of epilepsy. By chance Acharya Jineshwar Suri arrived in Lodrva. The king and the queen requested the Acharya to save the remaining sons. The Acharya agreed on the condition that the couple would have to follow Jainism. Soon the remedy worked and Sagar gave the kingdom to his eldest son Kuldhar. The rest of them became oswals.

As the Acharya enlightened Sagar in bhansal (a place in rajasthani house.) so his gotra was named Bhansali. Rajdhar and Shridhar Bhansali brothers built Chintmani Parshvanath Jain temple in Lodarva, which was destroyed by Allaudin Khilji. Tharushah Bhansali renovated this temple in 1675.

According to the hand written document found under Muni Subravatswami temple of Jodhpur the origin of Bhansali gotra is as under:-

Bhati Bhadoji was ruler of Bhansol City. Once the queens of the emperor Bulbukhera camped with the army near Bhansol. In the night the army entered the city and misbehaved. When Bhadoji heard about it, he immediately attacked the camp. Many of the soldiers were killed and rest ran away leaving the queens behind. When Bulbukhare heard about it he send a large army to teach a lesson to Bhadoji. Bhadoji rushed to the Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri and told the whole story and requested to save them. Acharya asked them what would he get in return if he saved them. Bhadoji with all the Bhaties replied that they would do whatever the Acharya desired them to do. On the desire of the Acharya all the Bhaties adopted jain religion. Then the acharya charmed mantras, which resulted in the destruction of Bulbukhare's army, which was on its way to attack the Bhaties. A few of them died of diease, some murdered each other and remaining ran away to Bulbukhere. Bhadoji sent his sons Randhirji and Ridmalji to call the Acharya to Bhansol. After many attempts Acharya arrived, but stayed 8 km before the city. There all the Bhaties arrived and asked him his further order. Acharya replied to proceed according to the promise. So Ridmalji became oswal and Harikishanji adopted Diksha. Their gotra was named Bhansali.

The document is written in detail and written in Marwari language, but here it is in brief.

BHANSALI-KACHHVAH:- Kachhavah was the title given to the bhansali Tharushah's parents by the king of Jaisalmer.

BHANSALI-MUHTA:- Rana Hamirsingh of chitore gave the title of Muhta to Bhansali Punyaapal.

BHANSALI-CHAUDHARY:- Bhansali Bisaji arrived Mandore in VS 1451 kingdom of Rao Chundaji. Bisaji build a big tank named Biselav Talab in Baldi village, which is 6 miles away from Jodhpur. Bersalji was in the generation of Bisaji. He was very brave. He killed many enemies even after cutting off his head, so he is known as ZUNJHAR. His wife became Sati at Balsamand where this incident happened. A temple of Satimata was built on Balsamand Lake. Here all the Bhansalies of Jodhpur go for worship. Bhansali of Jodhpur and Jalore are called Bhansali-Chaudhary.

BHANSALI-CHEELMEHTAL:- In the 17th centuary there was a famous person in this family named Cheelji, so his family is known as Bhansali-cheelmehta.

BHURA:- the family of Bhansali-Bhuraji was named Bhura.

RAI-BHANSALI:- The emperor Akbar called Tharushah in his court at Delhi and honoured him. At that time Tharushah presented 9 elephants and 500 horses to Akbar and in return Akbar honoured him with the title of Raijada, hence his family is known as Rai-Bhansali.

CHANDALIA:- Bhansalies belonged to village Chandalia and spread alse where then they named Chandalia.PUNGALIA:- When Bhansalies of Pungal village went to other places they were named Pungalia.

BHANSALI-SOLANKI:- Ambhad Deo Solanki Rajput was ruling on Mount Abu in the i2th centuary. His queens gave birth to the children but dead. In VS 1168 Acharya did his chaturmas in Mount Abu. The king went and requested him his trouble. Acharya placed the condition that if he becomes Jain only then some thing can be done. King accepted the proposal os the Acharya blessed the king to be a father of 7 sons. His all the 7 queens will give birth to a son. The king became oswal in Bhandsal so his gotra was named, Bhansali-Solanki.

The kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Lodar Mataji of Lodarva.

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