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Durjansingh Kachhawa Rajput was the ruler of kingdom Sarsapattan in VS 1079.There was a monopoly of 8 persons on the politics of the state. One priest and 7 officers were the incharge of the religious performances. They were alcoholics so they made a custom to offer wine to the idols and kill animals to please them. On every Krishna chaturdasi all the 8 persons chose 8 most beautiful Brahmin girls to worship the idol for the whole night. But in the name of religion they were doing all sort of evil work.

King Durjansingh was religious but intelligent, so when he heard about it, he appointed a secret party to investigate the case. When the secret agency told him the truth then he himself went to investigate. He saw the real scene and heard their dialogues too. Then he punished and hanged all the 8 culprits till death. After death they all became ghosts and became a nuisance to the whole kingdom. They created rains of stones or dung. By chance Tarunprabh Suri Acharya arrived in the city. King requested the Acharya to control the ghosts. When king adopted Jainism, Acharya charmed Mantras and threatened the ghosts, so the ghosts disappeared. The king was then called by the name BHOOT-TADIA. And later on this word became Bhutoria.

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