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Rao Borad Parmar Rajput was ruling Ambagarh. In VS 1175 Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri arrived in the city. Rao Borad was a devotee of Lord Shiva. When the king came to know that the Acharya had come in the city and he is a man of many devine powers. Entire public went there for his Darshan. So the King went to see such a great personality. As Acharya saw him he said do you desired to see the Lord Shiva and would you believe to whatever Lord Shiva says. King promised that if Lord Shiva appears and gives any order he would follow them. So the Acharya took the king to a Shiva temple and told the king to look towards Shiva idol and remember him. At the same instant Lord Shiva appeared with Parvati mounted on Nandi. Shiva enquired, his desire. Borad replied that he has every thing. He only desired to know the path to Paradise. Lord Shiva replied that the Paradise could be only achived by following the instructions of the Acharya. Lord Shiva disappeared after giving a heap of precious jewels.

Borad adopted Jainism and his gotra was named BARAD.

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