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Maharaja Samantsingh was the ruler of Jalore Garh. He had two queens, who had three son named Sagar, Viramdeo, and Kanahad and a daughter named Uma. Samantsingh declared Viramdeo Youvraj, so Sagar went to his Maternal Grand father at Delvada (Mount Abu). King Bhimsingh of Delvada had no son so Sagar became the king of Delvada.There were 140 villages under Delvada.

Malik Mohammed, king of Malva attacked on Ratansingh the king of Chitore. Ratansingh requested for help from Sagar. Mohammed could not fight against the brave army of Sagar so the army of Mohammed ran away. Rana Ratansingh was please to appoint Sagar the commander in chief. The Emperor of Gujrat sent a messanger to Sagar to accept his leadership, but he refused. Hence Ahmedshah the king of Gujrat attacked Chitore, but could not stand against the brave army of Sagar and he ran away.

Now Gujrat also came under Chitore kingdom. Mohammad Gauri placed a treaty for peace. So Sagar charged Rs.22 lacks in exchange of Gujrat. Rana Ratansingh was so pleased with the wisdom of Sagar that he made him the Chief Minister of Chitore State.

In VS 1197 Bohit the son of Sagar became the king of Delwara. At this occasion Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri was in Delwara. Bohit asked the Acharya what would be the fate of his kingdom. Acharya replied that now this kingdom will stay only for a short time, but if he becomes Jain then he would tell a remedy. Bohit replied if he becomes oswal, he would be bound to become a businessman. Acharya replied that you are aware of the nature of the universe. This wealth and the kingdom are like the leaves of a tree. It may disappear at any movement. Bad time may come at any movement and the kingdom may vanish. All your sons can't be the kings, but you could make them rich lastingly. On Bohit acception of the proposal Acharya showed him the right path of religion.

When Bohit was enlighted he gave the kingdom to his eldest son Karan, and became oswal with other seven sons named Samdhar, Jesa, Jaimall, Nanha, Bhimsingh, Padamsingh, and Punyapal. Their gotra was named BOTHRA.

After few days the emperor of Delhi attacked Chitore. Bohit gave a lot of money to his all the seven sons and send them to Marwar, Kachh, and Gujrat to earn more money, and he went to fight against the emperor, after giving the throne to Karan. The Emperor was defeated but Bohit was wounded badly and died soon. His monument is yet in Punrasar village.

FOFALIA :- The Emperor again attacked Karan. Karan died in the war and the queen went to Khodipur with four sons. One night the Padmavati Devi came in her dream and said that the Acharya Shri Jineshwar Suri would come the next day, and if she adopts Jainism then all her four sons would become very rich. Next day she became oswal and her sons earned a lot of money in a very short period. They performed a sangh for Shatrrunjay pilgrimage and distributed one gold coin to the members of the sangh with dry fruits full of a big silver plate to each of the sangh member, so all the brothers were titled as FOFALIA and it became their gotra.

BACHHAVAT :- Samdhar was very intelligent and thus he gave higher education to his son Tejpal. When Tejpal was 25 years old his father expired. Tejpal took Gujrat on contract and earned a lot of money, name and fame. In VS 1377 he built a huge Jain temple in Pattan under the guidance of Acharya Jinkushal Suri and spend Rs 3 lacks. When he performed sangh of Samatshikhar. A few Mohamedans attacked but he won and finished the pilgrim peacefully.

Kadvaji was the grandson of Tejpal. He was also very inteligent. When he went to Chitor and met Ranaji, there Ranaji honoured him. After few days Sultan of Mandavgarh attacked Chitor, then Kadvaji went to Sultan as a messenger and made a treaty in such a way that Sultan returned back. At this Ranaji honored him with a horse, wealth and the post of Cheaf Ministership in gift.

Bachharajji was in the 6th generation of Kadvaji. He was the Minister of Rao Ridmalji of Mandore. Rao Jodhaji was son of Rao Ridmalji. Once some misunderstanding was created between Rana Kumbha of Chitore and Jodhaji, so Bachhrajji went to Chitore with Ridmalji. In the beginning Ranaji honored them, but later on Ranaji betrayed them and murdered Ridmalji and tried to murder Jodhaji too, but Bachhrajji escaped with Jodhaji. Jodhaji was so impressed with Bachhrajji that he honoured Bachhrajji and appointed him his minister. With the help of Bachhrajji, Jodhaji troubled Ranaji a lot, and at the end Ranaji was compeled to have a treaty wirh Rao Jodhaji.

Jodhaji had two queens named Navrangdevi and Jasmadevi. Navrangdevi had two sons named Bikaji and Bidaji. Jasmadevi had 3 sons named Nimbaji, Sujaji, and Santalji.

Bikaji established a new kingdom, Bikaner with the help of his uncle Kandhalji, Brother Bidaji, Minister Bachhrajji and kothari Chauthmalji, then build a fort on Ratighati hill, and a city of Bikaner. Kandhalji established a new city named Kodamdesar, and Bachhrajji established a city named Bachhasar.

Bachhrajji supervised a sangh to Shatrunjaya pilgrimage and distributed a gold coin with a big plate full of Laddu to each of the members. Oswals honored Bachhrajji with the title of Sangvi, and Bikaji with 'Parbhumi Panchanan'. His gotra was named BACHHAVAT.

Karmsiji was son of Bachhrajji. He was also the minister of Lunkaranji son of Bikaji. Karamsiji established a city named karamsisar.

DASSANI :- Dassuji, Tejaji and Bhunji were cousin nephews of Bachhrajji. Family of Dassuji was named Dassani. There is a Dassanion ki Gawad in Bikaner.

DOONGRANI :- When Rao Jetsiji was crowned for Bikaner throne, he appointed Veersinghji the second son of Bachhrajji, as his Minister. Veersinghji was father of 6 sons named Meghrajji, Nagrajji, Amarsiji, Bhojrajji, Doongarsiji and Hansrajji. The family of Doongarsiji was named Doongrani.

The profession of mukimat (clerk) named MUKIM gotra.

Kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

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