Shri Bhuwal Mataji, Brahmi near Jodhpur

In the year V.S. 1215 Manidhari Jinchandra Suri went to Shivana (Shivana garh). In those days Kajal the grandson of Aaspal Rathore was residing there. He used to listen the sermon daily. He had no belief in surprisals. So one day he asked to the Acharya that it be said that the gold can be made by chemical process, is it true? When the Acharya gave his consent, he replied that he did not belief in it and it this is true than Acharya must prove it. The Acharya said that he is a Jain muni. So he can't do it. At last when ketal promised to be oswal if Acharya proved it. Acharya gave powder (Vashakshep, the yellow powder which jain murtipujak muni keep with them for blessing the public) to him and told him that if he would put the powder on anything in the night, then it would turn into gold in the morning. But after morning it would lose its magic.

Kajal poured that powder on the chhajas of Jain and kuldevi temples. In the morning the public began to enquire who had done this. Kajal went to the Acharya with his father next day and became oswal. Their gotra was named Chhajed because they did the experiment on the Chhajas.

A few Chhajeds reside in village Chamadia and also in Roontia. When they left their village they were named as CHAMAD and ROONTIA.

Their Kuldevi is Shri Bhuwal Mataji, Brahmi near Jodhpur. It is also said that when Allaudin Khilji came to destroy the idol of the Devi, the idol sank into ground.

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