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In the year V.S. 1156 Nahadrao Parihar of Inda gotra was the king of Mandore. Acharya jinvallabh Suri performed his chaturmas in Mandore. Nahadrao did many services to please the Acharya. One day he requested the Acharya to bless him because he had no son. The Acharya replied that if he agrees to give one son to him then only he could bless him. The king and queen agreed the proposal. Acharya blessed them to be the parents of four sons. But one of them will be the follower of the Acharya. The Acharya also warned to be true to the promise, and he agreed.

In V.S. 1169 Acharya Jindutt Suri did his Chaturmas in Mandore. When the king with his family came for darshan, the Acharya remembered him making a promise with his Guru Acharya Jinvallabh Suri, which was to give one of his sons to him, but you have not kept your promise. Queen refused to give her son to be a jain monk.

Acharya left Mandore and went to the other place. After a few days when the cook was cooking the food a snake fell in the boiling food without the knowledge of the cook, and the food became poisonous. The eldest prince Kukaddave ate that food. Many doctors and vaidyas tried to cure him but in vain. On the third day the condition of the prince became serious. His body became bloody flux and a very bad smell began. Whole royal family was worried. Gundhar Kayasth was the prime minister of the king at that time. He advised to pray to the Acharya to help them. Only Acharya could save them from such a trouble, so the king went to the Acharya with family and the P.M. Acharya replied that as per rules he couldn't do any worldly affair. But if you all follow the Jainism and becomes oswal only then he could do some thing. On the acceptance of the proposal the Acharya ordered Gundharji to bring fresh butter of cow. Immediately the butter of cow named Kukdi was bought. Acharya charmed Mantra and Gundharji put the butter on the whole body of the prince. It results that the prince was cured in three days. When king and all saw this magic they fulfilled the promise and became Oswals. Another minister Hans also became oswal. The family of Kukad prince was named Kunkadchopra, P.M. Gandhar's family was named Gandharchopra, Hans's family was named Hans, Bubukiya Chimpad & Sand became gotras on their father's names. Kukudsand is sub gotra of Sand. Modi, Hakim Kothari, Modi, Dhupia, was named according to the profession later on. Thakursi was a famous person of this family. He was very clever, brave courageous, and brilliant, so Rao Chundaji called him to Bikaner and appoint him as Hakim (Judge cum administrator)

Gangaram Chopra of this family was the commander of Rao Tukoji's army. Askaran Chopra built a grand Jain temple at Merta. Hansraj Chopra built Shambhunath Jain temple in Jaisalmer in the year V.S. 1495, where there is 604 jain Idols. He also managed a grand jain library (Jain Gyan Bhandar), where thousands of oldest jain literature is preserved. In it many hand written books of Tadpatra & Bhojpatra. Chopra Pancha built Asthapad jain temple in Jaisalmer fort in the year V.S. 1536.

Kuldevi is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

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