Shri Amba Mataji, Ambaji

In the 10th centuary Sidhraj Jaisingh Solanki established a new city named Sidhpur Pattan. His son Maharaj Kumarpal adopted Jainism in 1160. Narvan was son of Kumarpal. He had no son so he requested Acharya Dhaneshwar Suri to bless him so he can have a son. Dhaneshwari Suri called Amba Mata. Amba Mata accepted the request of Narvan. Narvan became oswal so Acharya named his gotra Shripati.

Telpadji was a famous king of this family, who build 16 Jain temples of Lord Rishbha, and Lord Mahavira in 16 different villages. It is said that the builder of the temple filled the neev(the base)with oil instead of water, so his family was named Tilora.

In the year 1717 V.S. Sarangdas the 28th generation of Tepadji settled in Phalodi. His business spread in all the big cities of India. He was a very brave person. Once he wanted to go to Sindh for a business work. When the king of Sindh met him, he was impressed by him and gave him the title of DADDH (In sindhi daddh means a very brave person). And so his family was named Daddha.

The kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Amba Mataji of Ambaji.

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