Shri Ashapura Mataji, Nadole

It is believed that the origin of Daga gotra is of two types, according to Acharya Jindutt Suri and other according to Jin Kushal Suri.

According to Acharya Jindutt Suri:-

Mahaldeo Rathi (Maheshwari) was the Chief Minister and Bhabhu Rathi was the treasurer of Ratanpur Kingdom. The eldest son of Mahaldeo was Roopdeo. Bize a businessman was doing theft of excise duty, so Roopdeo arrested Bize and seized all his property. Biza had seven daughters. They could not bear this tragedy and commited suicide, and became Ghosts (Vyanter). Now the ghosts decide to take revenge so they paralyzed half body of Roopdeo. Mahadeo was the head of all Rathies of Ratanpur so every one was in deep sorrow. By chance Acharya Jindutt Suri came in the city. Mahadeo and all the Rathies made a request to the Acharya to cure Roopdeo. Acharya placed the condition that if all the Rathies adopt Jainism and become oswals only then he would cure him. Immediately they accepted the proposal. Acharya called the ghosts with his divine power and cured Roopdeo. Ghosts accepted the proposal with the condition that Biza be released and return him all seized property. Mahaldeo accepted the condition and then Roopdeo was cured immediately.

Acharya named 52 Gotras as per the names of Rathies at that time.

According to Acharya Jikusal Suri :-

Doongarsingh Chauhan was residing in Deshgram of Nadole state in V.S. 1381. He murdered many Muslim sultans of Delhi, therefore, the Emperor of Delhi send a grand army to arrest Doongarsingh. When Doongarsingh came to know about this, he went in the shelter of Acharya Jin Kushal Suri. Acharya told him to take rest in the night. In the night Acharya charmed mantra and summoned the Emperor with his bed while he was still sleeping. Acharya ordered Doongarsingh to talk with the Emperor.

Doongarsingh - "Oh! Dillipati (Emperor), you send your grand army to arrest me, but I have arrested you even before the arrival of your army."

Emperor - "Where am I? Who are you? Why and how you called me here?"

Doongarsingh - "You are in Deshgram, I am Doongarsingh, and he is the Acharya Jinkushal Suri. He is a grand seer person with a lot of Divine powers. Till I am in his shelter no one can harm me."

The emperor got up and prayed to the Acharyas and said, "Oh My master, Acharya, you have many Divine powers, I salute you and now you tell me what can I do for you?"

Acharya said, "Be mercy with Doongar. Always have respect for Jainism. Do not charge excise from any Jain."

When the emperor accepted all the conditions, then the Acharya ordered him to go to his bed and close his eyes. And it was a miracle that within a moment the emperor was in his palace in Delhi.

From that day their family was named DAGA. And sub gotras were named according the names of the family persons.

Their Kuldevi is Shri Ashapura Mataji, Nadole.

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