Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya

Dambhi Rajput Dedhuji was the ruler of Pattan in Gujrat. He had a large army of 5000 horse riders and a lot of wealth, but was habitual to robbery. In V.S. 1169 Acharya Jinvallabh Suri did his chaturmas in Pattan. King, and his family also used to go to listen to the sermon of the Acharya regularly. One day Dedhuji came to know that Ahad Khincii is passing near by with a marriage prossesion of his daughter. They are having thousands of gold coins, ornaments, precious jewellery, 9 horses and an elephant. So he went to Suriji and prayed him to bless so that he can succeed in his mission. Acharya blessed him and he got a grand success. On return the Acharya preached him that the act he is doing is sin and he would face the consequences of it. He was enlightened, thus he took oath not to do such act in future. He became oswal and gotra was named Dhadiwal. His minister Sanwalji was Ganja so his family called Tatia Dhadeva, Patwa and kothari were named according to the profession of the family members.

Kuldevi is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

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