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The old name of Jaisalmer was Bhatia, because it was the kingdom of Bhati Rajputs. Its capital was Lodarva. Heersingh Sonigara Rajput was the landlord of Vikrampur in this state. Thakur Heersingh had no son so he prayed the Kshetrapal (A Davi) to give him a son, in return he would spend 1,25,000 gold coins on his temple. When he got a son, he named him as Khetal on the name of Kshetrapal. Heersingh could not collect so much of money so he was helpless. When Khetal was of 8 years then Kshetrapal became furious. He entered the body of Khetal and began to create nuisance and violence in whole of Jaisalmer.

When Heersingh heard about the arrival of Acharya Jindutt Suri, he prayed the Acharya to help him. Acharya poured some mantrit water on Khetal and charmed Mantras.

There was peace in whole Jaisalmer. Heersingh adopted Jainism and converted into oswals. His gotra was named Doshi for the fault he did, other Rajputs were named Sonigara according to their original cast. The minister of Heersingh was Pithal so his family was named Pithalia.

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