Shri Ashapura Mataji, Nadole

Surdeo Khich was a brave man. Surdeo had two sons, named Dugar and Sugad. Both the brothers established a new city Aghat in Mewar. Bheel and Mena tribe had surrounded the Aghat city (The criminal tribes). When Bheels and Menas came to loot the city, both the brothers arrested them. When the Maharana of Chitore heard that Dugar and Sugad had arrested such notorious criminals; the Maharana became pleased with them. He called them in the court and honored with the title of Raoraja.

There was an old temple of Naharsingh Dave out side the boundry of Aghat. The people of Aghat destroyed the temple so Dave became angry, and began to create nuisance and violence in the city. Raoraja tried a lot but fail to stop it.

In V.S. 1217 Manidhari Jinchandra Suri came to Aghad and were notified about the nuisance created by a Dave. Acharya told both the brothers, if they have faith in him and follow Jainism then only he could do something. Both the brothers followed Jainism. Then the Acharya prayed to Padmavati and asked her to come. Padmavati Davi appeared and caught Naharsingh Dave, on the orders of the Acharya. Acharya & Devi Padmavati ordered Naharsingh to be quiet and must not create any trouble to any one in future. Acharya named both the gotras Dugar and Sugad and told them that their Kuldavi is snake so worship Nagdevta.

Chitore Maharana Berisalsingh Sisodia was so impressed by this incident that he also became oswal and adopted Jainism. His gotra was named Sisodia. Khetani also became oswal, so his family was named Khetani.

According to the History of Oswals written by Sukhsampatraj Bhandari, the origin of Dugar and Sugad was from Chohan king of Bisalpur (near Ajmer).

Their Kuldevi is Jagat Bhawani Mata Ashapura, Nadole.

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