Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya

Yaduvanshiya Somchand was the ruler of Kotda in Jaisalmer state. The king had a grand army of 5000 soldiers. But his profession was of a dacoit. In the year V.S. 1211 Anchal Gachhacharya Shri Jaisingh Maharaj was going towards Kotda with his disciples. The king ordered the Acharya to give him all the valuables, which belong to him. Acharya gave them the Oga, patra (the wooden utensils for taking food), few cloths and books, which they were carrying.

Acharya did one thing more that he made them statues for a few time to teach them a true lesson and entered the city. When kings mother Milandevi knew the whole happening, she came to the Acharya and prayed pardon for her son's misbehaviour. Then Acharya replied that if the king leave this unlawful act and promise to follow the Jain philosophy only then they could help them. The Rajmata promised to act according to the jain philosophy in future. Then they all became normal.

King returned back in the city and prayed apologize for the wrongful act, and promised not to do such act in future. He also build a Jain temple of Lord Parshvanath, A temple of his Kuldevi Visalmat was build. Then he also built a jain temple of Lord Shantinath and did prathistha of the Lord Shantinath of more than 50 Killos of gold.

Raja Somchand's son was Galaji so their family was called Gala. In V.S 1550 all the Gala family left Jaisalmer and settled in Kachh in Gugrat.

Kuldevi is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

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