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Khinchi Gehlot Girdhar singh was a rich person, but he spent all the money in luxury and became very poor. No friend helped him in trouble. He was ashamed but eager to be rich again, so went to many Hindu monks. At last he came in contact with Acharya Jin Hansh Suri. He prayed him to show the path to earn a lot of money in no time. Acharya replied that if he promised to spend the money for the welfare of general public, such as on education for poor, treatment for sick, help to the poor, etc., only then he can do some thing for him. When Girdharsingh became his follower and agreed to do the good for others then the Acharyas gave him some miraculous powder and advised to pour the powder on a heap of bricks in the night, and that all will turn into gold on sun rise. There was a heap of 5000 bricks out of his house. He put all the bricks in the house and poured that powder. In the morning he was amazed to see that all the 5000 bricks were of gold. In this way he became very rich again but now he spend the money in good deeds.

Girdharsingh had a son named Gelaji. He was so named because he was very innocent. His family was called GELDA. In Jagat Seth was the 7th generation and there after Shivprashad Sitare Hind.

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