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It is said that Acharya Jindutt Suri preached a man Gothi in Anhilpur in the year V.S. 1153, so his family was called GOTHI after his name

According to the book 'Mahajan vansh Muktawali' Megha was a very rich man. He did business from village to village on 500 oxen back. He had many servants and clerks and also many agents in distant cities and towns.

In V.S. 1153 one nigh a muslim saw a dream that Parashva-yaksh a dave, follower of Lord Parshwanath told him that in the middle place of his house there was a idol of Lord Parshwanath. He must dig the land and pick out the idol. In the morning Megha Shah will come to your door you must give the idol in exchange of 500 gold coins. The muslim was so frightened that he immediately dug out the idol and waited for Megha.

In the same way dave also came in Megha's dream and told him to purchase the idol from the Muslim in 500 gold coins the next day, otherwise there will be no good for his family and wealth too. If you would purchase the idol and worship it with eight methods regularly then it would bring him the prosperity.

Megha purchased the idol and did exactly according to the instructions given to him. He earned a lot of profit in his business from that day. One night again yaksh dave came in his dream and told to build a temple for the idol on the place where he sees a swastik with few coins there he will get a lot of money. The place where he finds a green coconut there he can dig a well of sweet water. The place he finds fresh dunk of cow there he can dig a well of salty water. The place where he finds swastik with rice and supari there will be a mine of stone which will be helpful in making idols of gods and the temple too. He did according to the instructions and a grand jain temple of Lord Parshwanath was built. He was the main worshiper (gothi in gurati) so his family was named Goti.

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