Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya

Chandrasen Rathor was the king of Kannoj in V.S.735.His sub-gotra was Gugal. He heard that Jain Bhattarak Shri Shanti Suri has done a lot of miracles. So he went and placed few desires, which were fulfilled, so he became follower of Jainism. They were called GUGALIA by their original sub-gotra Gugal.

Kalloji was a famous person of this gotra. He builds a grand jain temple in the village Galund so they were called Galundia, and it became their gotra.

Galundias have constructed Jain temples in Jamsher and Sambhar in V.S. 1825. Shah Suroji Galundia was a famous person in Shah Kalloji family. He was a bountiful and a liberal person.

Kuldevi is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

When Samroji Bhandari, the prime-minister of Mandore state was arrested by the emperor and kept in Mandu fort, at that time Shah Suroji Galundia gave 18 lakh rupees to the Emperor and released Samroji. Suroji also build a jain temple at Mandu. In V.S. 1667 Shah Suroji settled in Udaipur. Suroji's son was Shrivantji. Shrivantji had 5 sons named Khemaji, Chhittarji, Isharji, Ratnaji and Thakursinghji. In the year V.S. 1740 Udaipur Maharana Jaisinghji presented village Gosmanyin with Jagir and siropav.

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