Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya

Palliwal Brahmin families of Gautam gotra were residing in the Pali City in V.S. 1248 in a large number. They were very prosperous and had an important role in the politics too. Muslim Emperor attacked Pali, but Paliwals faced the war. In the history it is said that Paliwals were killed in this war in a huge quantity. When the JANOAIS were collected after the war and weighed that it was more than 800 kg. In the memory of the brave Paliwals a chabutra was build. Yet today it is called DHOLA-CHABUTRA.

There was a grand miracle on the last day of war. Their Kuldevi Rohinimata herself appeared and told to leave Pali and settled elsewhere. Gunavsaji and his son Gangdeoji were the leader of the rest Paliwals. So by their directions they all left Pali and settled in a Jungle. There they established a new city called Gundoj after their leader Gangdeoji name. They also constructed a huge pond named Gangesar. In V.S. 1297 they constructed their kuldevi's temple.

Gangdeoji adopted Jainism with all Paliwals and became Oswals. In V.S. 1305 they again left Gundoj and settled in village Mada. From that day they were called GUNDESHA.

Bijairajji Gundesha build a Jain temple of Lord Parshwanath in V.S. 1412.

Kuldevi is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

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