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Samarsingh Devra Rajput was the ruler of Mandavgarh. He had seven sons. His youngest son Kamarsingh became the patient of Kamaniya poison. The poison spread in his whole body. A very bad smell began to come from his body, so no one could go near him.

By chance Acharya Shri Vardhaman Suri came to Mandavgarh. When the king heard about the arrival of the Acharya and his greatness he immediately went to the Acharya and requested him to cure the prince.

Acharya ordered the king to perform the Navkarmantra Jap for whole the day. A miracle happened. The prince was cured and freed from the disease. Hence the King became the follower of Jainism and joined the Oswal comunity. His gotra was called Kamani.

In the year 1026 (Vikram) the king Samarsingh went to the holy pilgrim with a huge Sangh so the king was honored with the PAD SINGHVI.

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