Shri Ganjeshwari Mataji

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Khematrao Padihar of village Kankravat was a minister of Chitor kingdom. His son Bhimsingh was a proud man. After the death of Khematrao king of Chitor called Bhimsingh in his court. Bhimsingh refused to go to the king's court so the king became very angry and ordered to arrest him. When Bhimsingh came to know that army of the king of Chitor is coming to arrest him. He immediately went to the Acharya Jinvallabh Suri and prayed him to do something for his safety. Acharya agreed to help him with the condition, if he follows Jainism. Bhimsingh agreed his proposal.

Acharya gave some pebbles and said to through these pebbles on the king's army. Bhimsingh did so and the army of Chitor became nervous and returned back.

When Ranaji heard about such happening, then he called Bhimsingh respectfully. went to the king's court after taking permission from the Acharya. In the court he refused calmly the offer of the services. The Emperor pardoned Bhimsingh with the remarks that he was very brave. At this Bhimsingh replied that this braveness was not of his but of the Acharya. From that day (Vikram sanwat 1142) they were called KANKARIA (pebbles).

Their Kuldevi is Shri Ganjeshwari Mataji. It is said that some one threw the idol of kuldevi in a well.

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