Shri Adar Mataji, Mount Abu

There was a famous king Gadhadhar Parmar of Sindh in the year Vikram 1175. He was so much impressed with the spritual power of Acharya Jindutt Suri, that he became his follower and joined Jainism. He also adopted the cast Oswal. His family was called Gadwana.

Later on Acharya Jindeo Suri blessed them with the new gotra name Karnia or Kenia.

Mr Vajrapal Shah was a very famous person in his family. He left Sindh and settled in the city Kathkot of Kachh (Gujrat). His son Kurpar Shah went to Shantrunjay (Palitana) with sangh. Kurpar Shah build a very beautiful Parshva nath with a golden KALASH on the top of the temple. He also honoured Acharya Jindeo Suri on his return to Kathkot.

Mr Diyo, Kelan and Sivri were the famous personalities in this family. His dynasty are yet living in Motikhakhar and chhasra in the Kutch.

The kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Adar Mataji of Mount Abu.

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