Shri Ashapura Mataji, Nadole

King Viramdeo Chauhan was the ruler of Jalore. He was very clever, noble brave and very beautiful. It is said that one day the daughter of Emperor of Alluwdin Khilji saw the king and fell in his love. She decided that either she would marry the king Viramdeo or remain unmarried. Alloudin Khilji tried his level best to convience her daughter to marry some other person but when he failed, then he called King Viramdeo in his court and ordered him to marry his beloved daughter.

Viramdeo thought that if he would refuse there then he would be killed then and there, so he requested the Emperor to send the Sugan and Shreefal (the coconut) to his kingdom as per the custom. We would accept that and send you the Shreefal with the Dress for the Princess, only then the engagement would be performed.

As he returned back to his kingdom the Sugan for marriage came but he returned the Sugan back along with is shoes and a covering letter stating that even his shoes would not accept the proposal.

Alluwdin was so furious that he sent a grand army to attack Jalore. The fort of Jalore was not harmed even after six months of fight. The army of Alluwdin became nervous and thought to return back.

Once two Daya Rajput warriors were punished and their heads were hanged on the main gate of the fort. On a stormy night the lamp of the fort was shaking and seemed that the heads of Dayas were moving here and there. Looking at those scenes king Viramdeo told that the dead heads are doing SAMELA. By chance a daya rajput was on the duty. When he heard such insulting words of DAYA dynasty he decided to take revenge.

Santry Daya Rajput went to the Muslim army and said that if they wanted to win the fort then they may enter the fort and he would help them in this regard. At the suggestion of Daya the Muslim Commander purchased Rai in a huge quantity at any cost and sowed all around the fort. The cultivation of rai is such that only in night its plant grew up. By this act the enemy traced out the place of the secrete entry point of the fort. Hence the Muslim army entered into the fort.

But CID informed Vikramdeo about it so he prayed his Kuldevi Mata Ashapura. Ashapura was pleased and gave an arm like 'AXE' with the blessing that he alone is sufficient to destroy the enemy at the condition that he should not turn back. Viramdeo won the battle, but in the end he turned back. The Kuldevi Ashapura was behind him. Immediately the Devi disappeared and Viramdeo was killed.

The family of Viramdeo was called Kawad because they won the battle with the help of KAWADIA (arm).

Their Kuldevi is Jagat Bhawani Mata Ashapura, Nadole.

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