Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya

Kandhal was a famous businessman of Devikot city in Jaisalmer state. He came in contact with Acharya Shri Manidhari Jinchandra Suri in V.S. 1216 and adopted Jainism. He and his family were called Bohara. About five century before Jhanjanji of this gotra fell in love with the princes of Jaisalmer. He abducted the princess and ran away to Bikaner. His son Ramsingh was appointed as the Khajanchi of the Bikaner State, so his family was known as Khajanchi-Bohara.

A family shifted of this gotra to Sindh and settled there. They were the famous businessmen of Mugdi-wells so the were called Mugdi.

Kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

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