Shri Amba Mataji, Ambaji

It is said that Khimsi Chauhan adopted Jainism by the impression of Acharya Jinvallabh Suri in village Khimsar, so they were called Khivasra.

According to the book 'Mahajan Vansh Muktaval' Khimji Balocha Chauhan was the king of Marudhara and he established a new city on his name and that was known as 'KHIMSAR'. Once a dacoit gang attacked Khimsar and looted cows, camels, and valuables too. Khimji and his army followed and attacked the dacoits but were defeated. When they were returning defeated they met Acharya Jineshwar Suri. They prayed and told the whole story. Acharyaji replied that if you all follow Jainism and will never drink wine, never kill any body etc, only then he would do some thing for them. Khimsiji and the entire follower Rajputs took vow that they and their family will follow Jainism and adopt Oswal cast then Acharya gave them a MANTRA to charm. While charming that Mantra they again attacked the dacoit gang and won. For three generations they kept relations with other rajput families. After that Acharya Jindutt Suri converted them into Oswals and then they were called as Khimasra or Khivasra.

Other historians also agree with the story with little difference. Acharya Jinvallabh Suri himself has written in his life-book with the names of Khimsaras.

The kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Amba Mataji of Ambaji.

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