Shri Bar Mataji, Mundwa

Lakhansingh Deora Chauhan, the king of Nadole Kingdom was the uncle of first Prithviraj Chauhan. Lakhansingh had no son so he was worried. Acharya Shri Raviprabh Suri did his chaturmas in VS 700 at Nadole. One day on the advice of his minister Lakhansingh went to see the Acharya and told him his trouble. Acharya said, "if you leave violence and be a jain by heart then I can bless you". The king agreed, so the Acharya blessed him. When the queen was pregnant, he thought that a man can not get a child by blessing only, It was the luck that he was going to be a father of a son in the old age, and so on. He continued doing violence, hunting and forgot the oaths taken. The minister reminded him but he did not care.

After 9 months queen gave a birth to a ball of flesh only. Then Lakhansingh realised his mistake, but it was too late. His minister advised him to go search the Acharya. Only the Acharya could tell the remedy of it.

Lakhansingh found the Acharya near Badnagar (Bhadana) in a forest He was meditating under a banyan tree. The king apologized, and requested for the remedy and wept bitterly. He regretted his blunder. At last the Acharya decided to help him, so he called Bar Mata (A goddess) and asked her to do the king a favour.

Bar Mata ordered Lakhansingh to put the ball of flesh in red cloth and put that in the hole of the banyan tree. She gave some water, and ordered to pour it on the ball of flesh. A miracle happened and the fleshball turned into a beautifull child.

Bar Mata gave many instructions to Lakhansingh, which he promised to follow in future by heart. They were:-

  1. Never believe in violence and follow Jainism by heart.
  2. Never use black cloth or have black pet.
  3. On birth of a son, mother come with the baby and get blessing, (one months after the delivery).
  4. Build a temple there, and keep a idol in the house for daily worship.
  5. Celebrate Mundan sanskar before herin the temple.
  6. On the marriage of the son, bride and bridegroom must come for the blessing.
  7. His every son must worship and have faith, then she would help them in the trouble.
  8. They should worship her by lapsi of gur, coconut and prashad.
  9. Only holy people should be allowed to enter the temple.
  10. Ladies must not use mehandi during Navratri days.
  11. Do not misuse any leaf or stick of the banyan tree.
  12. What ever given to the mother of newly born baby must first be offered to Bar Mata.
  13. Before marriage, first invite Barmata.
  14. Only the priest or unmarried girls can eat the prashad of puja plat.
  15. Ladies must not do any sewing work in Navratri days.
  16. The Deepak will be of pure ghee only and not of oil.
  17. Do not purchase Junjuna, Palna,or Chakla of any material.

Their Kuldevi is Shri Bar Mataji, Mundwa.

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