Shri Sundha Mataji, Sundha

Bhatti rajput Raja Abhay Singh was ruling Sindh in the 12th century. There were one thousand villages in this kingdom. In the year Vikram Sanwat 1185 Khartar Gachhacharya Sri Jindutt Suri came in Sindh kingdom. In the noon a saint went to get the alms. As the saint entered the city gate the procession of the king was going out of the gate. King thought that it was a bad omen so the king tried to shoot down the saint, but the arrow became flower and fell down on the saint's feet. When the king saw such a miracle, he fell down on the saint's feet. The saint told the king that such miracle was of his honored Guru. Now the king went to the jungle to visit the Acharya to get his blessing. Acharya told the king that to kill a person is a sin and said he was an honored saint, so it would even become a greater sin. The Acharya gave him the knowledge of Jainism. The king was surprised to know that how a person can know the happening of an incident even being at a far off place. So the king was so much impressed that he became his disciple and followed the Jainism.

The king requested that his kingdom was in margin danger of flood so please do something for the safety of their kingdom from the flood. The Acharya replied that if all the Bhatis of Sindh follow the Jainism and become Oswal, only then he could do some thing for them. The King and all the Bhatis came in his shelter. The Achaya charmed a mantra and the flood stopped.

In this way all the Bhatis of Sindh became Oswals and their Gotra was called AAYARIA.

LUNA SHAH was a famous person in the 7th generation of the king Abhey Singh. He did many services for Jainism and performed a sangh to the SHATRUNJAYA the holy place of jains. So his family was known as LUNAWAT after his name.

The kuldevi of Aayaria and Lunawat is Shri Sundha Mataji, Sundha.

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