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Mundra Maheshwari Hathi Shah was diwan of Multan Kingdom of Sindh (Pakistan). He was a great politician, polite and very faithful to the public and the king. His son was Luna Shah. Luna was very intelligent. He married at the age of 20. One night when he was sleeping a snake bit him so he died. The royal family and even public wept bitterly at this occasson. By chance Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri arrived at this time in the city. When Hathishah approached the Acharya enquired what would he do if his son Luna was alive again. Diwan replied that he would present any thing and do whatever the Acharya wishes him to do if his son would get his life back. Acharya said, "We are Shraman so wealth is useless thing for us, but if you and your family joins oswal jain community then Luna Shah can get life back." Hathishah immediately gave his consent then the Acharya ordered to prepare the same scene, which was at the time of biting the snake. All the other members were ordered to go to their rooms. Then the Acharya charmed the mantras and in a short time the snake arrived. The Acharya ordered the snake to take back all the poison. At this snake did what was ordered and went away. Luna got the life back. Joy came back in the city. Everybody was impressed with the Acharya, who had done such a miracle.

The family of Lunashah was named Lunia.

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