Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya

It is said that a chauhan businessman was passing by a jungle with the carts full of goods. In the way some dacoits met him and said, "Ram-Ram seth". Seth replied "You are not asking a right question". Again dacoits enquired whether he was well and seth replied "again you are asking a wrong question". In this way dacoits asked 20 questions and seth answered with that you are askin a wrong question. Then the dacoit ordered the seth to give him all the belongings. The seth gave his concent and replied that now you are asking a right question and further said, "Yes, I believe in transactions. You give me the receipt and take all my belongings if you desire." Dacoits thought that if by writing a receipt if they could get all the belongings then there was no harm. They prepared the receipt as the seth spoke, signed and took every thing. The Seth was very clever so he prepared a long list marking heavy rates. Then seth told to witness the document and receipt. But there was no one to witness, so dacoits told that there was only a stick, if he agree they can put the witness of the stick.

Seth had the belief to forget the past, bury the dead and wait for the time to come hence he left all his belongings there and return home with the receipt only.

After three years same dacoits came in the city to sell their stolen property. Seth called the police and caught hold of them.

All the businessmen united, and took the dacoits to the Judge. Seth produced the papers before the judge. The dacoits asked about the witness. Seth replied that the papers contain a witness of MINNI (A cat). At this dacoits said, "The seth is a liar because he is saying minni was the witness whereas the papers say the witness was a stick. There was only a stick present there so we placed the witness of the stick and not of minni."

The judge came to know the fact and said that the Seth was very clever and the judgement was declared that the dacoits must pay the full amount of his list and they should be imprisoned. From that day family of the Seth was named Minni.

Kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

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