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There are different views about the origin of Mohnot Gotra.

As per Mahajan Vansh Muktwali:-

Rao Raipal Rathore was the king of Khed (Kishangarh). He had twelve sons and two of them were Mohansingh and Panchisingh. Once they were furious with the rest of their brothers so they left Khed and settled in Jaisalmer. King of Jaisalmer welcomed them.

Diwan of Jaisalmer was shrimal Jain, He had a very beautiful daughter. Mohansingh fell in love with her, so Mohansingh married her and adopted Jainism. So the family of Mohan singh was named Mohnot and Panchi Singh's family named Pincha.

Further it is also said that Mohan singh had two wives, one Rajput and other Jain. Sons of Rajput mother were named Mohania Rathore, and sons of Jain mother were named Mohnot.

It is also said that Mohnot and Pincha are the Last gotras.

Some historians say:- One day Mohansingh went for Shikar and hit a deer. While dyeing she gave birth to a fawn. He felt guilty. By chance Jain Yati Shivsenji was passing through the jungle. Mohansingh prayed the Yati, "If you give the life back to this deer, I shall obey all your orders." Yatiji charmed Mantra, and deer got up and ran away with fawn. Now Mohanji became follower of Yati Shivsenji.

According to Rai-Bahadur Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha Mohnots believe that they are in the generation of Rao Sinhaji of Mandore. Rampal was son of Duhad, grandson of Aaspal and great grandson of Sinhaji. Rampal's second son was Mohansingh. Mohania Rathore is another branch of the generation. Mohansingh followed Jainism in the old age and became oswal. Subharsen was the younger son of Mohanji. Jaimal was in the 19th generation of Subharsen. Jaimal was on the high post in the Marwar State. He was promoted to the post of minister in VS 1616. He had 5 sons named Nensi, Sundersi, Askaran, Narsinghdas and Jagmal.

From the above description it is clear that the origin of Mohnot is from Mohansingh Rathore. There may be any cause of being oswal.

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