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One day a lioness kidnapped the son of King Depal and escaped in the forest. It is also said that the lioness brought up the child by her own milk. Koti Gachh Acharya Shri Mandeo Suri came in the city. King Depal went in the shelter of the Acharya and said the whole story. Acharya replied that only Navkar Mantra is the remedy of this problem, only then he could get back his child. Immediately Depal accepted the proposal and adopted Jainism.

The Acharya ordered Depal to go in the south direction, the child is lying under a tree. So Depal went to the forest with his few men. There he saw that the child was in the lap of the lioness under a huge tree. All the people were frightened to see the grand body of the lioness, and returned back and explained the whole scene. Acharya ordered them to go to the lioness while charming the Navkar Mantra and when you reach near the lion and tell her, "We are the Shravaks (followers) of Mandeo Suri."

According to the instruction of the Acharya, they went near the lioness and said that they are the Shravaks of Mandeo Suri. Immediately the lioness left the child and went inside the forest.

Now Depal came to the Acharya, and requested that he had got his child only by his blessinmgs so please name the child. Acharya blessed the child and named Asdhar Nahar, he further told that lioness would be your kuldevi, because lioness was not an ordinary; she was your kuldevi, so always have faith in her. She would help you in any trouble if you would remember and worship her. In this way Asdhar Nahar was the first person of this gotra.

According to Bhandari Sukhsampatraj and Bhansali Sohanraj; Depal was Parmar Kshatrya, and Assdhar was the 35th generation of Pawar density. Puranchand Nahar was a famous historian.

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