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Sakat Singh Rathore was a resident of Harsor-Marwar. Once Sakatsingh went to Pushkar. As he reached there he saw a crocodile that had caught a lady while she was bathing in Pushkar. When Sakatsingh went to save the lady, crocodile caught Sakatsingh aslo. By chance Muni Davegani was passing by, so he saw the scene. Muni immediately charmed the Upsargaham Mantra, which resulted that both of them were saved. Thousands of people saw this scene and began to thanks the muni. Sakatsingh also came and thanked with the saying that he has given him life so he would be his diciple. Muni replied that Gurudave Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri would come tomorrow from Ajmer so he could make you the deciple. Next day when Acharya came, he gave a sermon and Sakatsingh adopted Jainism and became oswal. His gotra was named Pokarna, because he was enlightened in Pushkar.

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