Shri Lodar Mataji, Lodarva

Jetsi Bhati was the ruler of Lodrava Pattan. His 9 year's old son was suffering from leprosy. The king did many treatments but in vain. After all he gave a Bali to his kuldevi, then Kuldevi approached and ordered him to go in the shelter of the Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri, who was residing in Sindh at that time.

Accordingly King went to the Acharya and requested him for the chaturmas, saying, "sab nagar rakhe-chah" Acharya replied that he had come there for his son, and he can be cured if he adopt Jainism.

Acharya arrived in Lodrava and cured the prince in three days. Jetsi became oswal and the gotra was named Rakhechah.Few family members of Jetsi settled in Pungal so they were named Pungalia.

The kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Lodar Mataji of Lodarva.

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