Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya

125 Soda rajput families were living in village Roon. Their leader was Begaji Soda. He had no son and was very weak. One day Acharya Shri Jindutt Suri came to Roon village. All the sodhas went to see the Acharya and prayed to do some thing for their leader. Acharya replied that your desire would be fulfilled only if they adopted Jainism and become Oswals. On return they narrated the whole thing to Begaji. He and all the Sodas of Roon village adopted Jainism and became Oswals. All Sodas were named Runwals. The origin of Runwal gotra was in V.S. 1202. Acharya gave a Mantra to Begaji and told to eat only milk, ghee, rice and mishri once a day and repeat the mantra for 125 lacks time. By doing this Begaji became as strong as a Bull only in six months time.

Kuldevi is Shri Osiya Mataji, Osiya.

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