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According to Mahajanvansh Muktwali, King Sonigara Chauhan was the ruler of Delhi. When his son Bohit was playing in the garden a snake bit him and he died. When funeral procession was in process Acharya Jineshwar Suri was passing. He saw that the king and many people were weeping bitterly. Acharya enquired who had died? When Acharya came to know the whole situation he sent a message to the king. The message said that if the king would follow Jainism, then prince can get his life back. Immediately everybody returned with the dead body and king fell in the feet of the Acharya and agreed to do anything if the prince could get his life back. Acharya charmed mantras and mesmerized. The prince got up and the king became oswal. His gotra was named SANCHETI .

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