Shri Suswani Mataji, Morkhana

There was a king Panwar . He was Agnivanshiya Kshatriya King Jagdev Panwar was in his 31st generation.The pedestry of King Panwar is as follows:

  1. King Panwar
  2. King Dhom
  3. King Arbud
  4. King Mahiraj
  5. King Dander
  6. King Goverdhan
  7. King Kardham
  8. King Saher Chandra
  9. King Singhlesh
  10. King Devraj
  11. King Sidhrao
  12. King Sibar
  13. King Munj
  14. King Maheraj
  15. King Gandherva
  16. King Vikramaditya
  17. King Salvahan
  18. King Bhoj
  19. King Udayadit
  20. King Dharnidhar
  21. King Dharnivarah
  22. King Dhumm
  23. King Dheer
  24. King Pandir
  25. King Dhuhad
  26. King Jashdham
  27. King Jashdev
  28. King Rindhaval
  29. King Vikramsen
  30. King Jagdev
  31. King Madhidev

King madhidev had three sons Sur, Sankh and Sanwal. Sanwal had three sons Sukha, Salde and Punamde. According to Mahajan Vansh Muktavali by Ramlal Yati. the Surana decend from Suro the well known Panwar hero who lived in the court of sidharaj Jaisingh king of Patan.Mohmd. Gajani's sixteen attack was on Somnath temple . Sura thought while return Mohmd. Gajni would go through his kingdom. It was the habit of Mohmd. Gajni to loot and destroy all the places he passed by so suro went to well know jain Aacharya hemsuri requested him to save the state Hemsuri first demanded as a condition that suro and his brothers should embrassed jainism and the condition having being accepected & he gave him a Vijayapataka Yantra by means of which he become able to rout the enemy There upon Siddharaj Jaisingh welcomed Suro with the words sabash Surana & it is from this phrase the term Surana was derived . All the three brothers converted to Jainism. The Generation of Suro was called Surana , Sankhala's family was called Sankhala vansh , Sanwal was ren away from the battle field so his family was named Siyal (Jackal). Sanwal's eldest son was very healthy so his family was named Sand . Sanwal's second son was Sukhha so his family was called Sukhai , his third son was Salde so his family was called Salde fourth son was named Punamde so his family was named Punamiya.

Kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Suswani Mataji, Morkhana.

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