Shri Ashapura Mataji, Nadole

Zambdeo Rathore established a new kingdom named Zabua near Ratlam. He had 4 sons. They all lived joyfully. In the year V.S. 1475 Acharya Shri Jin Bhadra Suri arrived in Zabua. When the king heard that the Acharya had come in their city he remembered all the obligations of Acharya Jindutt Suri, which were only due to the blessings of the Acharya's boon, given to his ancestor Raisihanji Rathore. So he rushed to the Acharya with his family and the courtiers. At that time he was also facing trouble with the emperor of Delhi. Who had sent a message that the leader of Bheels Bhia & Tatia Bheel did not follow his orders so he was planning to do robbery in Gujrat, so he should arrest and present him in the court of Delhi. He knew that it was the most dangerous job for him. Thus while taking blessings he requested the Acharya to help him. Acharya Jinbhadra Suri replied that he could only help him if he leaves all violence and follows the Jain philosophy. Further he ordered to give the kingdom to the eldest son and rest all become oswals. Zambdeo promised all the conditions then the Acharya ordered to come to him the next day. In the night Acharya ordered to the Devi Kalberav to help his disciples. Bherav (a god) gave a Jantra to the Acharya, which he gave to Zambdeo in the morning with the orders that no one could harm him untill that Jantra will be in his possession. Zamdeo thought that in the war it might be lost, so he kept that jantra in the thigh after operation.

Zambdeo attacked the Bheels and easily arrested the Bheel brothers and brought them to Delhi court. The Emperor gave the territories of Bheels to Zambdeo. On return Zambdeo gave the kingdom to his eldest son with the orders that he should not think that he was the owner of the kingdom but it was due to the blessings of the Acharya. Zambdeo became oswal with his three sons named Zambak, Zanmad and Zmbak. And thus the gotras were formed on their names.

Their Kuldevi is Shri Ashapura Mataji, Nadole.

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