Shri Lodar Mataji, Lodarva

Kulghar Bhati was the king of Savalakh state. Its capital was Kumahari. King married 32 times but had no son, so he was worried. By chance Acharya Jinkushal Suriji arrived in Kumahari. Diwan (minister) told him that if he washes the feet of the Acharya with hot water and gave as prashad to the queens to drink then they would give birth to sons. It is said that 21 queens drank that water with faith and remaining with hate, so only 21 queens gave birth to the sons. King and queens were so impressed of the supernaturalism of the Acharya. They all adopted Jainism and became Oswals.

When the princes were of one year, the king took them to the Acharya for blessing. The Acharya blessed them uttering Zadiya, and it became the gotra.

The kuldevi of these gotras is Shri Lodar Mataji of Lodarva.

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