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Shri Osiya Mataji A pilgrimage to the Holy Temple of Shri Osiya Mataji is the holiest pilgrimage for Oswals. It is said that Osiya is the beginning place for Oswals and Shri Osiya Mataji is kuldevi (lineage goddess) of Oswals. Shri Osiya Mataji resides in a temple located in Osiya near Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This temple is on a mountain. Several thousand of devotees visit Osiya for darshan, mannat, etc throughout the year. Oswals come here especially to give Jat (Jay-ti or Jwar) and Mundan. The volume of devotees is increasing day by day.

Shri Osiya Mataji The temple was originally built in the 8th century. However, the temple complex that now stands dates back to the 12th century. The main temple, along with the other two temples - the Chandi Ka Mandir and the Amba Mata Mandir, was constructed around circa 1178.

Shri Osiya Mataji To enter the Sachchiyay Mata temple complex, one can use a series of magnificently sculpted arches. The temple complex was built in several phases, rather than in one go. Inside are beautiful images and sculptures of Hindu deities. Located at the north-end of the complex is a sculpture of Varaha (boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu). And to the east is an image of Lord Vishnu with Goddess Lakshmi. Lying to the west is a stone slab coming out of the walls, full of sculptures.

Shri Osiya Mataji The latest additions to the temple were carried on in the 12th century. Since then the temple has remained unchanged. The temple is a beauty of architecture. It is an architectural splendor that can be compared to any other throughout India.

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