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How to get here

Osiya is an ancient town located in the Jodhpur District of Rajasthan state in western India. It is an oasis in the Thar Desert, 65 km north of Jodhpur, on a diversion off the main Jodhpur - Bikaner Highway, NH 65. Osiya Railway Station is situated on the Jodhpur - Phalodi line of North Western Railway.

The best way to come to Osiya is via Jodhpur. Jodhpur is well connected to rest of India by Air, Rail and Road. Train, Taxi, State Transport is available to get to Osiya after getting to Jodhpur.

Getting to Jodhpur

By Air
Jodhpur is well connected to the rest of India by air. Several airlines operate various flight from major Indian cities to Jodhpur. The city center is 5 kilometers from the airport.

By Rail
Jodhpur is well connected by railways. Trains are available from all major Indian cities. The famous 'Palace on Wheels' also visits this royal city of Jodhpur. The booking office is on Station Road, between the railway station and Sojati Gate. The office is open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm and only until 1.45 pm on Sunday.

By Road
Another convenient mode of transportation to Jodhpur is by road. RSTC buses and private luxury buses connect Jodhpur with all major places of Rajasthan. The city is well connected to other major cities of India via several National Highways notably NH 65, NH 112 etc.

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