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Where to stay

Bheru Bagh Jain Temple has a dharamsala and bhojanshala facilities at reasonable price. This place is close to Jodhpur Railway Station. Auto ricksaws are available to reach this place. Jodhpur also has several hotels for all kind of budgets.

Both Shri Osiya Mataji temple and the Mahavir Swami temple in Osiya has accommodation and bhojanshala facilities. Forty rooms are available in the Shri Osiya Mataji temple premises for yatries to stay. An international guest house in south of the temple has sixty rooms attached with bathroom and 60 non-attached rooms.

Mahavir Swami temple Bhojanshala timings are as follows:
Morning - 10.30 AM to 1.00 PM
Evening -  5.00 PM till Sunset

Please call for more information. (02922) 274260

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